Dylan & Kristin David

When fate brought them to the eve of their life-long dream only to reveal the dark plan it had known all along, they chose to share their story so no one else would experience the emotional roller coaster they have endured since they married in April of 2011.

In a situation fitting for a Lifetime movie, Kristin & Dylan were introduced to what can only be described as a professional birth mother, who was pregnant with her 6th child, and were working with an attorney whose practice of 30 plus years was about to experience it's toughest job yet. Combined with all of the other outside interference, which wasn’t discovered until after the baby was born, this situation was doomed from the start. They will tell without hesitation that looking back, “Everything should have seemed so obvious. All the warning signs were there, but we were just completely unprepared to handle this whole ordeal.”

Together, these two have vowed that no adoption should ever be used to manipulate a birth mother or prospective family and that no child is ever to be used as leverage. They worked with Rep. Rick Edmonds, along with countless co-authors, during the 2018 legislative session to push through HB 643 which was nearly a complete re-creation of the adoption process in Louisiana. Now their mission is to provide education of the new laws and to reach out to anyone considering any part of adoption and be the support system that can be difficult to find on this journey.